We are successfully implementing the long-term company strategy that we set out in 2001.

      In our day-to-day activity we use the knowledge and long-term experience of the company's top managers from the field of business. We chose the right procedure for the acquisition of investments when we gradually purchased new, modern equipment.

We rely on the diligence and honesty of the people in our region.

      After training, our employees are top experts, and they can handle several professions. We export approximately 63% of our products, mainly to the states of the EU.

We believe, that the above mentioned goals can be achieved only with the following

Code of conduct.

We are planning a further development of the company

  • improve product quality and the standard of services, in particular in the range of tire wires
  • focused investment in production of tire wire
  • utilize new market opportunities for the permanent profit of the company
  • eliminate lead from the production process by using progressive heating methods
  • improve and develop the company control systems
  • be environmentally friendly, to create conditions for safe working and to improve working conditions
  • contribute to an increase in employment in the region and expand employee benefits even more
  • gain the status of valued regional employer