KERN s.r.o. has a quality management system according to ISO 9000 standards. The system is certified according to ISO 9001:2015. The company management emphasis on continuous improvement of the quality system, which is a fundamental prerequisite of customer satisfaction with KERN s.r.o. products and services. All employees of the company are involved, depending on their abilities, in the fulfilling of the Quality Policy. The company management create favourable conditions for the employees so that they can work easily, safely, and with quality and reach high productivity. 

ISO 9001



The management of the KERN company is aware of its responsibility towards future generations for preserving a positive environment and the basic right of each person to live in such an environment. And that is why it sees environmental protection as its priority task and assigns a leading position to this element of the integrated control system.

Since the start of 2002 there has been systematic implementation of the progressive concept of the company control system, this being the introduction, certification and constant improvement of the integrated control system. The core pillars of this system are the environmental protection control system, occupational safety control system and quality control system.

Owners of the company use and want to continue using the latest technology with a high productivity of manufacture resulting in quality products that does not burden the environment and allows safe work.

The company KERN s.r.o. is certified pursuant to ISO 14001:2015 and has a designated environmental policy. The regular designation and performance of environmental management goals and programmes undergoes constant improvement in this area. One of the long-term planning tools is the environmental management strategy, which contains binding procedures for the individual activities of trading and responsibility for adherence to them. In June 2007 a new position was created in the company - ecologist ( tel.+420 558 337 102).

ISO 14001


From 2013 company operates three stationary emission sources. The facility is maintained in a good technical state and checked regularly. Operation of stationary emission sources is approved by Krajský úřad Moravskoslezského kraje. The company ecologist (tel. + 420 558 337 102) gives specific data upon request.

Waste water

Waste water from technological processes are being cleaned in own neutralization station, which is in operation from 2005. The station is kept in good technical conditions. Neutralization station is operated according to the operational rules. The company has a permitted maximum amount of water discharged into the municipal waste water treatment plant. Limits are also designated for pollutants in water. Pollutants in waste water are regularly monitored, and discharged water is constantly measured. All the designated limits are adhered to. In case of emergency company has prepared its own emergency plan. The company ecologist (tel. + 420 558 337 102) gives specific data upon request.

Residual waste

In July 2005 our company joined the system for the gathering, collection, transport, sorting, use and elimination of household waste generated on the territory of the city of Třinec. The waste management in our firm has been approved by the state authorities. We sort waste in production as well as in office buildings. The removal, disposal and dumping of waste is performed by an external organization with authorization for this activity. This service is performed on the basis of contractual agreements.

We have set up waste management plan for the company KERN s.r.o. according to section 44 paragraph 5 of Act No 185/2001 Coll. concerning waste and the amendment of certain other acts. In July 2008 the position of waste manager (tel. +420 558 337 104) was created in the company. The waste manager gives specific information upon request about waste management in the firm.

Data in the field of environmental protection is sent regularly to the Integrated System for Compliance with Reporting Obligations in the environmental area (ISPOP).

Our company has its own document - Basic Assessment of Ecological Harm Risk - drawn up according to valid regulations. Management of KERN company realizes its responsibility to preserve enviroment for the next generations and the basic right for every person to live in such an enviroment. That is why enviromental protection we regard as top priority of integrated management system.

Reports about the current situation in the enviromental field are regularly sent to Integrated System Reporting in Enviromental protection (ISPOP).

Our company has created its own document – Evaluation of ecological damage – defined according to regulations in force.

Occupational safety
OHSAS 18001

      KERN s.r.o. has implemented management quality system according to the regulation ISO 9001. Occupational health and safety system is certified according to regulation OHSAS 18001:2015. Certification body is Systémové certifikace, s.r.o., accreditation number S 3209. Company management emphasises the constant improvement os quality management system, that is the main requirement for customer´s satisfaction with products and service KERN s.r.o.. Every employee of the company is engaged according to its abilities in fulfillment of Quality policy. Company management creates positive working conditions in order, that employees could work safely reaching high productivity.

Integrated Policy KERN, s.r.o.

KERN, s.r.o. has implemented "Integrated management system". Integrated management policy KERN, s.r.o. you can download here.

 Integrated Management System is regulary checked every year by certified body in the form of control audits. Moreover, the system is regularly checked by planned internal audits and customer´s external audits.